Scientia est lux lucis

The only meaning to life is to gather information and decipher it in your own unique way of understanding. The purpose of gathering this information is to upload it to the universal collective consciousness, for all of existence to use as it sees fit.
ubi amor, ibi dolor.
ubi dubium ibi libertas.
ut America cadit, sic omnis terra.


Honor grad?

Yeah buddy! I just graduated from basic training (easy as hell by the way) as an honor grad, and with a marksman ribbon ;) Next goal: graduate as a distinguished graduate from tech school, and hopefully be able to specialize into the neurology shred.

Ft. Sam, here i come!


On my way out.

I am leaving for Air Force basic training on tuesday. I am excited, i cant wait to go. Hopefully it is everything i expect it is. I am going to go to para-rescue school, if i am offered it, but if i have to ask i will. If i do, that is why none of you will see me for quite a while. It will be worth it though.


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how do i get someone to fall in love with me

where’s the tutorial

what’s the html code


*person’s name*


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